Monday, 25 August 2008

Three More

Stella 2 (and VIP), Remera, close to Chez Lando
A bar in many parts. A slightly grubbier alternative to Chez Lando, the Stella VIP bar boasts private areas where you can talk politics without worrying too much about the thought police. Across the road at Stella 2 things are more public. Cheap as chips.

  • For plotting and skullduggery.
  • The whole barbecued tilapia smelled nice.
  • The waiter didn't tell me about the whole barbecued tilapia
  • Shrivelled up brochettes.

La Sierra, City centre, beside Bacar Bank.
Forgot about this little gem after my first visit in 2006. Near the banking area in town La Sierra does a brisk lunchtime trade. A buffet is supplemented by simple a la carte and a take away section inside the shop. Ham and cheese sandwiches on brown bread cut into slices leave me nostalgic for home.

  • Proper butties!
  • Swift service
  • Decent a la carte
  • Samosas and pasties are well stuffed
  • The buffet is expensive (6500 RwF) - better value elsewhere
  • Not much going on in the evening here.
Flamingo, Kimihurura
I think this is the same Flamingo that used to be on the top of the telecom tower. In any case it offers upmarket Chinese food in tasteful surroundings with good views from upstairs. Popular during the week with Rwandese movers and shakers.

  • Soups made with decent stock.
  • Super-hot towels
  • Staff can be a bit forgetful.
  • Main dishes are a bit heavy on the onion, go for the sizzlers
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