Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Uptight Eating

H2O Restaurant, Kiyovu
I like a nice bit of decking. Waitresses who stare are even more fun, but please close your mouth now. Brochettes, brochettes, brochettes, steak and chips, brochettes. Owner has got religion in a big way and is considering banning sales of alcohol in the restaurant as well as smoking. If you think that sounds like a good idea then you're probably on the wrong blog.

  • The steak wasn't bad after all
  • Try throwing peanuts into the gaping mouth of the waitress.
  • If you're not comfortable with that whole creepy staring thing.
  • If you want to smoke, drink, have fun...

Belvedere, Centre Ville, by the banks.
Uncertain as to where this fits into the Kigali scene. Despite swinging saloon doors the punters are conservative types. Perhaps they're too aloof and snooty to eat at Chez Lando, because they might have to put up with foreigners, and smoking, and smiling, and the little people not doing as they're told.

  • It has saloon doors, that's quite good I suppose.
  • Staff are cheerful, despite being inefficient and not entirely honest
  • Toilets are a state
  • Shoddy service
  • Menu somewhat limited

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Maurice said...

H2O is much better as a bar. Turn up after 1 am for one of the most happening bar scenes in Kigali.