Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Good Chips / Bad Chips

Restaurant Emeraude (Emerald Restaurant), Boulevard de l’Umuganda, behind FAO and UNHCR.
Being so close to the FAO offices they do a brisk lunchtime trade here. Staff seem ultra-friendly and helpful and there is a sense of pride in the establishment. A well priced menu is mostly the usual Franco-International stuff, but has one or two surprises from what looks like a Javanese cookbook, along with healthier options. Ignore the healthy stuff though - the chips are thick cut and full of flavour.

  • Friendly atmosphere and swift service
  • Good chips, acceptable fish
  • Plenty of parking space
  • Buffet lunch during the week
  • The chicken is like chewing an old slightly singed rope,

Passadena, Gikondo Nyenyeri
Done up like some sort of log cabin saloon, this out of the way venue has a funny sort of appeal. Its the kind of place where you might find someone miming to Celine Dion on stage, or doing bad breakdancing. For a real laugh roll up on Thursday night to check out the salsa classes. The last time I went the students enjoyed themselves oblivious to the bad jokes of their over-earnest British teacher. Like an awkward English sitcom. It might even be fun to join in...

  • Come for the weird entertainment, not the food.
  • Its a bit out of the way, hard to find a taxi or a moto home at night
  • Crinkle cut oven chips. Oh dear.
A request for info:
Does anyone know the name of the hotel/bar/grill place on the airport road, on the hill opposite the Texaco garage? They do decent brochettes, but I've lost my notes.

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Anonymous said...

The hotel/bar/grill is called "Hilltop". It's also a great place to watch English Premiere League games on weekends in the reception hall with a few hundred football fans.