Friday, 26 September 2008

Another two:

Two more reviews, and I'm not even in Kigali. Magic.

Le Banjo, Remera, on the road to the stadium
Some sort of safari saloon vibes going on here, but the welcome is friendly. Rwandese and East African menu, and there is a popular buffet at lunchtime.

  • Lunchtime buffet (carbs, carbs, beans and carbs) is good value at RwF1,500
  • Decent range of snacks - omelettes and so on.
  • Its not the most inspiring place. Alright for a quick lunchtime pit-stop.
  • The boulettes. Dense.

Freddy's Horizon Garden Restaurant, Kiyovu
Tucked just underneath Heaven, this place has a massive projector screen upon which they are promising to show films. Its a nice little spot to watch olympic gymnastics while partaking of a Mutzig pression or three. Buffet at lunchtime, slightly below-par snacks and brochettes in the evening.

  • It might be good for films, if they get the films right. Please: nothing starring Nicholas Cage.
  • Cheap. Cheerful
  • The goat brochettes have an unusual sweet marinade, but are as tough as tyres. Trying to extract a piece of meat with my fork resulted in it flying some eight feet across the patio, nearly striking a Dutch researcher
  • If you're on a date. Nobody looks good under UV lighting

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